Corong Corong

Corong Corong Beach

El Nido is subdivided into eighteen barangays. Corong Corong is one of them. Located at 1,5 km from Población (town proper), Coron Corong go along a wide white sandy beach and a lush jungle. Much more quiet that El Nido, Corong Corong faces Bacuit bay and its islands and islets.

Corong Corong

How to get to El Nido

Planning a trip to El Nido? Take stock of your transportation options here. Costs, duration, and other details for getting to El Nido.

Corong Corong

Diving in El Nido

Bacuit Bay and El Nido are famous for their Island Hopping Tours. But diving is great here as well!


Adventure & Activities

El Nido, is a whole new world to discover. From the finest beaches, island hopping, shopping and dining, El Nido is a paradise awaiting for you.

Restaurants and Bars

El Nido town has a great of accommodations, restaurants and bar to go out at night. Here is our best choice to help you finding what suits you the best!


If you don't want to miss out on El Nido's marine wonders, add another dimension to your trip. You will soon realise that El Nido has much to offer above and below the surface.