About Us

Located in Corong Corong, Palawan, Philippines, offering wellness, comfort and simplicity. Our cottages and villas stands out in a modern style blended with local design.

Created in 2015, the El Nido Mahogany was designed to be in harmony with the nature. Located in Corong Corong, settled in a 5000sqm coconut grove, our resort offers wellness and comfort amidst a tropical garden. Presenting the idyllic beauty at its simplest yet most accommodating form, the beach-front rooms of Mahogany satisfies the deepest yearning for a relaxing dream vacation in El Nido.

Our spacious and cosy cottages and villas are beautifully designed with elegant style blending modern comfort and local tradition. Wood touch, airy, bright, wide glass windows, high-quality furnitures and fittings, large terrace, this is the place to stay in Palawan.

The pool and the gazebo with its own bar are perfect to relax and unwind after a day out diving or sailing.